My Spring Bucket List

My Spring Bucket List

Spring is a bit relative in Boston. Technically, it’s here, but who can say when (if?) it will actually decide to show it’s pretty face. So in trying to come up with my spring bucket list, I had to keep reminding myself that spring in New England is usually just a cold, rainy extension of winter. So while I’d like to add a lot of ambitious outdoor time to my spring adgenda, I revised my list to include some activities for the inevitable colder days.

Attend The Public Open Night at BU’s Coit Observatory

Every Wednesday, weather permitting, the Coit Observatory hosts a public open night where you can observe the night sky and learn some astronomy. Tickets are available through Eventbrite the Thursday prior. I’ve always wanted to do this. It seems like the perfect midweek date night!

Hike the Blue Hills Reservation Skyline Trail

There are so many good hiking trails within a short distance from the city. I’ve enjoyed walks in the Fells and Breakheart Reservation, but I’ve yet to hike the Skyline Trail at Blue Hills. It’s supposed to have fantastic views of the city.

Go For a Bike Ride

Ideally, I’d like to buy a bike. But even if I don’t, I’d like to at least take one longer bike ride this spring. When I was living in the North End, I loved renting a Hubway bike and riding down the esplanade to Harvard Square. I liked to stop for a beer at Charlie’s Kitchen in their beer garden before heading back. A girl gets thirsty, ya know? 😉

Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

My mom, sister and I have been meaning to go for years. Seriously, I went to undergrad in the same neighborhood. How have I not been to this museum? I’m hoping putting it on this list will help me get there. The courtyard is supposed to be stunning, which makes spring the perfect time to go.

Start Grilling

Now that I finally have outdoor space, I need a grill! I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes and cooking and eating outdoors as much as possible over the next several months.

Establish a Consistent Workout Schedule

I really fell out of my workout routine over the winter. I could give you a million excuses why, but really I just need to get back on a schedule. I’ve started going to a different branch of my gym that’s close to North Station so the plan is to go right after work and then jump on the T to head home. I’d also like to add in a yoga class once a week. Please hold me to this!

Moonlight Kayak Tour

A kayaking company in Essex holds monthly tours around the full moon and they sound like so. much. fun! You kayak out to Crane’s Beach and enjoy a bonfire before kayaking back. This one may get kicked out to the summer bucket list so we’ll call it an alternate, but right now I have my sights set on the June full moon. It would be a great way to cap off the spring!

What’s on your spring bucket list?

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  1. Great list! If I wasn’t longing for springtime before, I totally am now! I’ve been wanting to buy a bike for the past several summers now, but during the springtime, another home expense always comes up. Then I decide I’d rather have a new pair of shoes than forego a few things that will add up to the cost of a bicycle. 🙂 Maybe this year!

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