The Week In Links Vol. 11

The Week In Links Vol. 11

Happy Friday friends! It was a super quick week over here. How was yours? I’m heading up to the Mount Washington Resort in a few hours for the weekend. I can’t wait to have a cocktail on the veranda. Have you been before? It’s one of my very favorite hotels. If I have time to take some good photos, I’ll do a re-cap post next week. What are your weekend plans?

Here are my favorite finds from around the Web this week:

Please tell me you’ve been following this whole romphim/bromper sh*tshow. The twitter response has been hilarious! 

I really liked Jess’s post on pushing past plateaus. She also helpfully, linked to a post on healthier cocktail options. Perfect timing as we head into summer. 

Anyone else excited for The Bachelorette to start on Monday? This is the first bach/bachelorette that I’ve been excited about in a long time. She seems like a total catch. Unfortunately, I’m not sure ABC did such a hot job picking out contestants potential suitors for her. (I mean, do they ever?) Glamour helpfully put together a ranking of the men in order of biggest red flags! Good luck Rachel!

I can’t imagine Bill Belichick is too happy about Gi’s interview. Giiiirl.

On that note, have a great weekend!


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