The Week In Links Vol. 6

The Week In Links Vol. 6

Cheers to the weekend, friends! Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day and apparently Mother Nature is a real prankster because it’ll be snowing here in Boston. Womp, womp! Luckily we have a quiet weekend planned. What’re you up to this weekend? Tell me all your fun plans!

In the meantime, here are my favorite links from around the Web:

I loved this article in favor of a medicore (read: slow, simple) life. Yes!

Apparently bathing burns calories?! Best news, but really I should be thinner if that’s the case. Hmm?

Fans of Jessica Alba’s Honest brand: Honest Beauty just launched at Target. The Everygirl has the scoop.

Jess from The Golden Girl featured a really fun NYC recap. After reading it, I’m definitely adding Green Gallow and The Heath to my itinerary next time I’m there. Have you been to either?

OMG, do you think I can make Cooking for Caitlin happen if I Tweet at Ina?! I kid. (Kind of.)

Enjoy the weekend! Monday is Opening Day at Fenway and that’s the real sign it’s spring around here. Let’s hope the snow is gone by then. Go Sox!

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