Sneaker Style (how to save on your next pair)

Sneaker Style (how to save on your next pair)

I’m a walker. About once a year, I kid myself into thinking I could be a jogger; I slog through the couch to 5K training plan, “run” a 5K with friends and immediately declare that I hate running and quit. Until, the following spring when I inevitably repeat this awful cycle.

Funny aside: the first time I ever ran a 5K, I noticed a cop on a motorcycle directly behind me which made me think I was dead last, so much so that I actually asked him. I thought, “Oh f*ck this!” (I actually thought that even after he told me I wasn’t last, but I plodded my way to the finish anyway.)  I should also mention that I finished behind a woman carrying her 7ish-year-old son on her back because apparently he was also done with running. Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up. Running is just not for me.


But, I love walking. Up until I moved out of the city last year, I walked everywhere because I didn’t own a car. And I truly enjoyed it. J and I used to walk to the Esplanade on Saturday mornings, pick up a coffee en route, and then walk along the river chatting. It’s one of the things I miss most about living downtown. My mom and I also have a three mile loop that we walk together whenever I’m home. (Does anybody else still call their parent’s house home? I just realized I do that.)

Anyway, all of this is to say that comfy sneaks are a must for me. I love that sneakers are having a moment because it means that there are so many cute styles to choose from. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function!


I typically have one pair of trainers or gym sneakers and then a couple pairs of casual cool sneakers for walking around the city in comfort. I recently bought two new pairs – Nike’s for the gym and a pair of slip ons for casual outfits.


I also have a sneaky tip (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) for how to save on your next pair: shop in the kid’s section. Seriously! I bought my new Nike’s in the kid’s section and paid only $40! The key to this trick is knowing the adult to kid sneaker size conversion. Check out my chart below:

Adult Size          Big Kid Equivalent

5.5                       3.5

6                          4

6.5                       4.5

7                          5

7.5                       5.5

8                          6

8.5                      6.5

9                          7

This tip is obviously not helpful if you have bigger feet. Also, I should mention that Nike’s run small, so I always size up whether I buy in the women’s or kid’s department. For instance, I typically wear a 7.5 women’s shoe, but an 8 or 8.5 in Nike’s. I bought my new Nike’s in big kids size 6.5 and they fit great.

So what do you think, would you shop in the kid’s section for sneakers? What’s your favorite sneaker style? I love a good pair of slip ons.


9 thoughts on “Sneaker Style (how to save on your next pair)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Glad there’s another running hater out there. 😉 I’d imagine comfy shoes are a must for your photo shoots!

  1. Ahhh, the 5k. You do always do that ha! Sneakers are a must for me since I’m always chasing my boys around. Love a casual fashion sneak. The kids section is key… def an advantage to being on the shorter side!

  2. Haha at least you can say you did a 5K, something that I haven’t done yet!

    Great tips, btw. I buy in kids sizes too! I am a size 5.5 in womens and 3 in kids and it’s saved me so much money!

    Simply Lovebirds

    1. My sister is a 5.5 in women’s as well. You guys can score the best in the kid’s section!! The larger sizes are sometimes hard to find.

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