Filling In The Gaps

Filling In The Gaps

How was your weekend? My new DSLR camera arrived Friday, but I’m still waiting on the lens. I also realized that I need to buy a camera bag. Ideally, I’d like something that’s equal parts functional and stylish. Any recommendations?

Today I want to talk about filling in wardrobe gaps. I’m curious, what’s your shopping style? I’m guilty of buying something just because it’s on sale. Admittedly, I love the thrill of a bargain. (Who doesn’t?!) But recently I realized that if it’s not something I need, then I’m not actually saving money; I’m spending money I wouldn’t have otherwise if not for the sale. (Total lightbulb moment!) Plus all that mindless shopping, can leave your closet a total mishmash.

So I’m trying to be more strategic in my shopping and instead fill in the gaps. Once you know what’s missing from your wardrobe, thenΒ it makes sense to hit up the sales. With that in mind, here are a few key pieces that I’m currently in search of as I update my closet for spring:

White Jeans

I really want a new pair of white jeans for the spring/summer, but they can be tricky. It’s a lot harder to find a flattering pair than it is for darker denim. One strategy is to try straight leg instead of the typical skinny leg or jegging. I also keep seeing “girlfriend” pairs with a raw hem, which look really current. This cut is slightly more relaxed without being baggy and unflattering. Here are my favorite white jeans at three different price points: budget, spendy and splurgeΒ (<currently on sale).Β 


I love a classic loafer. They’re equally perfect for work or a casual weekend outfit. And, most importantly, they’re comfortable. You can walk around the city all day and still look perfectly pulled together without sacrificing comfort. Here are my three favorite pairs:Β Budget, spendy and splurge.

Silk Scarf

Nothing ups the style factor on a casual outfit faster than tying a silk scarf around your neck. It adds a subtle Parisian flare to an otherwise basic outfit. They’re also very versatile: you can tie one around the handle of your handbag, tie one around your writst or use one as a headband. I love finding an accessory that does double or triple duty. Here are my three favorite silk scarves: Budget, spendy and splurge.

So tell me, what are your current wardrobe gaps?





9 thoughts on “Filling In The Gaps

  1. I love the idea of filling in the gaps! I have a few that I need to get before spring {like an actual pair of jean shorts, whoops!} so I need to work on filling in the gaps rather than getting more striped shirts, haha.

  2. I too stopped shopping clothes just cos’ it was on sale last year, it made me realize I have way too many similar items! Now even I am trying to fill in the gaps, I am trying to find me a pair of perfect blue denims, still no luck! Hope you find your gaps soon πŸ™‚

  3. Love the loafers. Just ordered a pair! Love all your style suggestions and the fact that you’re taking the legwork out of my shopping. πŸ˜‰

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